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Induction Hobs - Choosing Induction Cookware

Induction hobs are made from glass which has a smooth cooking surface. The heat is generated by an electric induction coil which then heats the cookware but not the cooking surface.

  • For induction heating to work saucepans must have a base with a high ferrous content, such as cast iron and some types of steel.
  • Pure aluminium or copper pans will not work with induction hobs, unless the base consists of a magnetic bonded material.
  • If in doubt check to see if the base of the saucepan is attracted to a magnet, in which case it is suitable for use with an induction hob.
  • If a saucepan isn't stated as being suitable for induction hobs, then it's safer to assume it is not.

induction saucepans

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